Japan Kyoto


Haven’t had the time to pen down my trip to Japan this September for a wedding in the quaint town of Takamatsu. And I’m flying off to Osaka again in 2 weeks!

First up, the food.

Trust the Japanese to weigh every single portion of rice before serving. Pinnacle of consistency.


Endless F&B options in the humongous underground shopping arenas. Great for rainy days.


DIY okonomiyaki, in a dingy hole-in-the-wall only locals would dare venture.

Found the source of Sushi Tei’s dessert menu.


FAST FOOD in Japan … loving it!

Decadent meals with the hospitable Japanese family.

Authentic yakitori along the alleys of Takamatsu.

Next up, must-see touristy spots.

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest – So tranquil and majestic in pictures. What you don’t see are the hordes of blood-sucking mosquitoes! We quickly escaped after a couple of selfies. Totally unintended matchy-matchy OOTD with the surroundings!
*Kyoto Station – Saga-Arashiyama Station : JR Sagano Line (also known as JR Sanin Line)

Fushimi Inari Shrine (Tori gates) – Spent a hot morning here testing the fiance’s  patience. He did well, managed to capture several shots without ch*na ppl. There are also many roadside stalls selling tidbits & snacks. Was eyeing some Grapefruit juice drunk straight from the fruit, but our hunt for the cheapest failed and I left Nihon without trying it. sobs. I will be back!
*Kyoto Station – JR Inari Station : JR Nara Line OR Fushimi Inari Station : Keihan Main Line

Kibune village for Kawadoko restaurants built over waterfalls – MY FAVOURITE MOMENT OF THE TRIP!!! Tough to get there but oh so worth it! Best place for a cool down in summer months. Bring tonnes of cash as most restaurants do not accept cards.
*Kyoto station – Tofukuji Station : JR Nara Line then transfer to Keihan Main Line
Tofukuji Station – Demachi-Yanagi Station : Keihan Main Line
Demachi-Yanagi Station – Kibune-guchi Station (second last stop) : Eizan Kurama Line
From Kibune-guchi Station, take a 5 minute bus ride OR a 20 minute walk up the road

Gion – also known as Geisha town. We were lucky enough to catch a Maiko (trainee Geisha) show.

And finally the Wedding we came here for!

Traditional wedding envelope = angpao.


Classy affair with amazing dish after amazing dish. Totally blown away. The Japs go all out from a glow-in-the-dark champagne tower to a flaming beef steak performance.

Huge door gifts for guests. O.O




Be sure to plan ahead and know exactly which station & which train line to take, to cut down the lag time in staring at the humongous train map. If you can differentiate the various shades of blue, you’re fine. If you can’t, good luck.

If you can afford it, always upgrade to green car or better yet, first class! You will thank me as you witness sardines being packed into a can.






Bento on the Shinkansen is a must must must. Checked this off the bucket list!


Kyoto – Sakura Terrace, The Gallery

Two thumbs up! Very much catered to the younger crowd with a rather hipster vibe & free drinks every night. Clean & comfy with free wifi, all the essentials for a short stay.

Takamatsu – JR Clement Hotel

Felt like royalty with luxury service & amenities in this gorgeous hotel. Thankful that this segment of the trip was pretty much all planned for us.


Also rented bikes for a night cycle round this quiet town. What an experience! After a cycling hiatus of more than (i dare say) 10 years, i now know .. i suck at it *hails trishaw*

See you again Japan! in fact, in 2 weeks …


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