Lunar New Year & my new found secret weapon

I have a product to rave about! Still astonished by its effectiveness I can’t wait to share it..

Biore Aqua Jelly Makeup Remover

Biore, a skincare/cosmetic brand under the Japanese manufacturer KAO.

From the company website: “The first makeup remover in jelly format. The smooth serum-like texture spreads easily to remove makeup even waterproof mascara with less tugging and helps to cushion the skin from an otherwise harsh cleansing motion. Contains 1/3 of moisturising essence, Aqua Jelly makeup remover nourishes and hydrates skin for a moist and dewy finish. Removing makeup has never been so easy.”

I can testify to that!

It’s the lunar new year now, with customary visiting of relatives and exchanging of well-wishes. With that of course the ladies need to doll themselves up with a touch of concealer, a dash of blush, a stroke of mascara and it goes on and on and on….


At the end of each long day, we’re tired, we’re lazy, we just wanna sleep (and count redpackets).

So this year, instead of digging for cotton pads and scrubbing the superficial layer of cells violently off my face or soaking my eyeliner-ed eyelids in baby oil (blur vision for 5 mins), I tried Biore Aqua Jelly.


The Jelly formulation makes it easy to apply and delicate on the skin.

Eye makeup remover is usually a separate product, but I’ve been disappointed one too many times with these. Luckily this Aqua Jelly is delicate enough to be safely applied on the eye area, but contact lenses should be removed first (for those who wear it, I don’t). Black eye liner & water-proof mascara dissolves so effortlessly *grins*. What’s more, it really DOES leave my skin so dewy fresh! Not oily, not dry.

Ending this post with some OOTDs for this festive season. Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

IMG_7870 IMG_7919


Learnt alot from these links:


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