Nails, check. Glitter gelish freshly done at Manicure room @ NEX.


Hair, check. Finally got my hair colour even (no more GOLDilocks) at Style by Louis & co. @ Central

Special note: I purchased a groupon $38 for colour, wash, blow for ANY hair length (UP $120), so I knew the hard-sell was coming (some online reviews warned of this too). However, Caleb, my stylist truly surprised me. He was so professional! He didn’t try to sell me anything, much less hard-sell. He suggested the perfect shade of brown for Asian hair to give it a healthy sheen, at the same time hide my hideous gold ends. We decided on Natural Brown Pearl, “rich brown” as he would call it. It’s obvious that this stylist enjoys his work and his sincerity shines through. Will definitely return!


Christmas eve, off to the boyfriend’s place. The real tree is beside this mini one.

John was going for a 60’s vibe in this vintage-inspired ensemble. Trust him to pull this sorta look off, with christmas socks (from me!) and a silk pocket square to boot. PS. this is a sport jacket, NOT a blazer/suit/coat. He scoffs at me when I get it wrong.



I had on a regal white embossed dress from my favourite blogshop Intoxiquette. What would I do without you Intoxiquette. sigh..



Christmas mass with the boyfriend’s family. Followed by a hearty dinner of turkey, ham, oxtail, potatoes, salad, ice wine & champagne, finished off with tiramisu (made by his sister).


Then came the best part, PRESENTS!

It was super fun watching the kids tear open their gifts. The dreaded “what’s this?” and the “ohmygosh i always wanted this!” reaction. priceless.

AAhhhh its christmas day. Time to enjoy the gifts from my dear. So so many presents, where do i start…

Of course, new charms for my new (expensive) hobby. This one i could guess.


Many more peripherals which fit me so well! And to think a guy picked these out. My guy of course. *smirk*


– Coat from Bershka

– Skirt from Zara

– Pants from Lowry’s farm




John’s mom got me this box of goodies! from Benefit. Includes the Pore-fessional which I was dying to try! And more benetint for my fat cheeks haha. Loving the box too.


We managed to complete the Lego set I got him last night (one of the many items). Not as simple as we thought! Seriously doubt that a 12yr old can do this. As you know our first overseas trip together was to Sydney, Australia.    

IMG_7391 IMG_7390 

Too bad Singapore doesn’t stock the Scottish series. Cute right?!

Baby I’m ready for Scotland!!! tartan tartan everywhere..


Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Happy Holidays!


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