What every girl should know about studs


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yea this post is about earring studs.

I’m a fussy shopper. Every single detail has to be perfect before the wallet comes out.

I recently went browsing for some ear bling at Lovisa. And I realised that no matter how pretty the jeweled studs were, I had an issue with every one of them – the backing.

You see, earrings are held by a backing, and this unseen tiny thing has a humongous impact on the comfort and durability of any ear accessory. There’s actually quite a lot of thought put into the design and make of these bits of metal.

So let’s learn about the different mechanisms. (focusing on studs)

Earring Back Options -1

Friction — Push it in and the stud stays due to friction. Easy to put on and remove, but may loosen over time and allow the stud to slip off. Comes in metal or rubber (if u’re a cheapo).

Screw backs — Threaded ear post (the rod that goes through the ear) to allow the backing to be literally screwed on. Tight but can never slip off. More difficult to put on and remove. Threaded post may make it unsuitable for sensitive ears.

La pousette — Offers the best of both worlds, comfort & security. Two tiny clutches hold the stud in place, and can only be released by squeezing the clutches. Ear post has a small groove near the end, which ensures no slip-off.

Jumbo — Basically large backings for more stability and weight, for added security. Recommended for sensitive ears. Manufacturers may even add a small plastic disc to accompany the jumbo for an even more secure fit.

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Pic above: I can’t really tell if these are friction push backs or la pousette. Been forcing them in all this while! they’re also known as “butterfly” due to the distinctive shape. THIS IS MY FAVOURITE =D

 photo (2)

Rubber push backs. yup, cheap.

photo (4)

Jumbo mama! And back to my Lovisa story. Every single earring in that store had a jumbo backing with plastic disc. I hated these cause c’mon, they’re ugly. But now we know they give support and security laadeedaa especially crucial for those precious pricey studs.
Ultimate test: CHANEL — ok i guess jumbo’s are the way to go. If coco says so, who can say no.
photo (5)
hoops i hear? err that’s a post for another time.
Today’s take home message: Behind every successful earring, is a good backing. Choose wisely!

3 thoughts on “What every girl should know about studs

    • Hi Brooke! yeap i had some that actually dropped off, to my delight of course. But majority are glued on tight, which means they aren’t meant to be detached i suppose?

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