To the land down under


For our first overseas trip together, john & i visited Sydney, Australia, the state capital of New South Wales. FUNFACT: There’s another Sydney in Canada. Nova Scotia.

It was autumn (early april) and the fallen leaves along the streets were too pretty. Pity I forgot to get a photo. Temp range approx 19-26 degrees, basically it was awesome.

We stayed at Harbourview Hotel, North Sydney. and this is THE harbour view. With all rooms except 1, facing the Sydney Harbour & bridge, we were just that lucky to get the room facing the Cisco building across the road. *insert retarded face here*

DSC01950 DSC01957

Sydney’s the largest city in Australia, but its easily covered in a week. We ended up visiting several landmarks a second time, just cause we ran out of things to do during the 9day trip. And yes we were too lazy (not to mention cheap) to travel outside of syd.

Highlights and touristy locations include: Sydney Fish Market, Royal Botanic Gardens, walking across Harbour bridge, Opera House, Luna park, Hyde barracks, Hyde park, St. Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney Zoo, Cockle bay, Manly beach, Chinatown, Paddy’s market, QVB (queen victoria building), latenight drinks with some aussies (infact it was only 8pm) LOL. I so wanted to climb the HarbourBridge but scaredycat obviously didnt.




DSC02069 DSC02075

Public transport, namely the CityRail was easypeasy for city-dwellers like us. Our hotel was very much in the middle of everything important, like interchanges, thus getting around was fast and simple. One cool thing, they actually have a bicycle lane! on the road! Oh and we loved staring at road signs, Aussies are the best at naming places, WOOLLOOMOOLOO AND WOLLONGONG are real. how cool!?




Life of an aussie in one word: Chill.

Though the shopping and food is more expensive than i’m used to, the weather and cheap beer make up for it. And of course with every adventure, its the company that matters. ❤




One HUGE thumbs-down however, for the lack of free wifi in most areas. Luckily we found a bank near our hotel and did the singaporean thing.. kope!

This is a place where the work-life balance scale tips much much more towards life, oh how we dreaded leaving.. Byebye seagulls, no more crocodile jerky for u!



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