Beautiful Bali, with my Beautiful Besties


Here’s our gorgeous villa in Seminyak, one of the more wealthy/high-end regions of Bali island. Equipped with a swimming pool, free wi-fi as well as an in-house maid, we were treated like princesses. In our hands we hold the most refreshing fruit cocktail – welcome drink, which I still crave today! Later on we discovered its hideous secret, added sugar.




the girls and I were in dire need of r&r, with work commitments sitting heavily on our freshly graduated shoulders. And r&r was exactly what we got. Sun, sand & sea, plus numerous pampering massages, lotsa comfort food and HTHT sessions for the soul.






Some may have heard of the famous Bali banana pancakes, but few have tried.

Take it from a banana-hater, its really pretty good. I amazed myself by devouring a number of these babies. Our in-house maid, Dayu, would whip up a fresh batch every morning (if we asked for it). Waking up to the wondrous aroma is something I love most about this trip.



Bali is a great option for short-trips and r&r getaways. The people are friendly, the food is cheap and of course our sgd is humongous. With the power of groupon, its that much easier and cheaper! Bali, this shall not be the last time we meet.


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